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About Us

If you’re looking for quality leather products for men or women, then you’ve come to the right place. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, and work hard to create products which are stylish and elegant while at the same time remaining functional and durable.

Crafted with purpose is our motto for a reason. While style and detail is what inspires the design process, purpose and practicality are at the core of it. We want each piece we produce to be useful and functional, and fulfil their purpose for years.

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Functional & Durable

Primehide products are made from the best quality leather and they’re made to last. Once you buy a product from us, you’ll have decades of pleasure from it. The quality of the raw material is the foundation to the lifespan of a product, which is why we always make sure we select only the best leathers.

By sourcing high quality raw materials, we can ensure that we create leather accessories which are well-made and built to last, without compromising on style and design.

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Our Team

We retain custom because we’re good at what we do. We have a small team of dedicated individuals, focused on crafting something special every time they start a new product development project. There is a varied background in our team because we choose people who can contribute to each step of production in a meaningful and complementary way.

Regardless of background, we choose people who are creative, experts in their field and good with their hands. That is what allows us to consistently supply an ever increasing range of quality leather bags and accessories to fill your world, with a vast choice of style and colours

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Work Hard, Design Well

Quality, longevity and value for money are our main parameters. We strive to design products that invoke style and transcend seasonal trends, so as to remain classic and relevant throughout the years. Thanks to our large scale production line, we are able to offer high quality and longevity at affordable prices so our customers get real value for money.

There’s nothing wrong with changing the status quo and doing something different every now and again. But no matter how contemporary or innovative our designs may be, we always make sure they have our individual stamp on it, so you know you are getting the same quality and workmanship as our more classic lines.

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Our Quality and Standard

The quality and standard of our products is second to none, and each bag, belt, wallet or purse has been made using the same high quality materials. Take a look around our men and women’s sections and take in our classic range of leather bags and accessories and revel in the smartness, imagination and detail that has gone into each product. That’s how much we care.

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